Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beach clean-up Doha, Kuwait, January 27th 2012

My 3rd time at Doha beach.
I went a bit exploring this time, further up the northern stretch, where I surprisingly got access to the, from the outside, fenced off salt marshes.
I think they should be a protected area (which they maybe are?) without car wrecks, cupboards and whatever huge and small trash littering it.
Doha beach itself looks better, thanks to our efforts. If only the residents and campers would take care a little more.
The stretch at Doha entertainment city looks devastating.
More trash than ever and the mangroves seem to be finally dead.
That stretch, K's path got no permission to clean (yes, you need permission to clean beaches). The folks from entertainment city declared they take care of it themselves.


1 Curlew
1 Lesser spotted Eagle
5 Reef Egret
3 Crested Lark
1 Desert Wheatear
1 Ringed Plover
1 Graceful Prinia
a bunch of Waders and Gulls, too far out to be ID-ed
(Gulls were most likely Black-headed Gulls and some Caspian Gulls)
+ 180 Flamingos
3 Barn Swallows

1 dead Shelduck
3 dead Juv. Cormorant

I am trying to ID the plants and AbdrulRahman Al-Sirhan's page was of great help again.
I still have quite a few to go :(


Past clean-ups (that I've been to - K's path has been out every weekend):