Friday, January 13, 2012

Beach Clean-up Sulaibikhat 3, Kuwait, January 13th 2012

Behind the Black mangroves on this stretch of Sulaibikhat beach years of dumped plastic has piled up, one layer on top of each other.
Currently we are cleaning up the top layer. Give the mangroves and plants a bit of breathing room.
It's tedious work since a lot of the styrofoam has broken up into tiny pieces and all we can do is shovel it into bags.

For approx. 10sqm it took 4 hours and we got 24 bags as a result.

(You can also check the single photos in the album)


30 Black-headed Gull (most likely with some Slender-billed Gulls, Caspian and Heuglin's Gulls)
5 White Wagtail
4 Barn Swallow
5 Water Pipit
20 House Sparrow
25 Greater Flamingo
3 Grey Heron
20 Pallid Swift White-eared Bulbul

Thanks to K's path for organizing the clean-ups every week!

January schedule: Friday 20th - Sulaibikhat beach / Friday 27th - Doha beach
Clean-ups start at 8am
Email: angelique@k's for maps

Past clean-ups (that I've been to - K's path has been out every weekend):