Sunday, June 12, 2011

Beach clean-up Sulaibikhat (2), June 11th 2011

Saturday’s beach clean-up – a collection of around 3oo kg of rubbish went to recycling instead of rotting at the beach. And that was only another small stretch of that area. The beach you see somewhere close to the end is the next one in line waiting for being cleaned, worse than the first two put together. :/


 Bird count: (35) Slender-billed Gulls, (1) Grey Plover, (5) Caspian Tern, (4) Night Heron, (2) Gull billed Tern, (5) House Sparrow, (2 dark & 2 white) Reef Heron, (2) Collared Dove), (12 – 1 immature) Flamingos, (4) Little Tern, (2) Grey Heron), (10) Terek Sandpiper), (7) Kentish Plover, (1) Graceful Prinia, (5) Curlew (1) with shot wing feathers, (1) Black-headed Gull, (4) Cream-coloured Courser, (1) fem. Pied Wheatear


  1. It must be soul destroying to see all that rubbish first hand like that. A lot of hard work put in by everyone to clear that rubbish.

  2. Thanks, Keith.
    I try not to let it get to me too much, or they could collect me in a straight jacket soon.
    I try to enjoy the birds in between and from time to time a bout of fresh air.