Saturday, July 17, 2010

Beach clean-up, Doha, July 16th

Back from the beach clean-up.
Boy, the wind helped, but it was HOT. (120F/50C)
We had 15 people/Volunteers, not bad.
And collected around 250-300kg of trash, a lot of it will be recycled.

We have been at Doha beach for the 3rd time now and got finally one nasty corner at the fence cleaned up (thanks, Andy and Robert - hope I am not mixing up names). One more clean-up to go next weekend, then's Ramadan break (not allowed to drink water in public = no clean-ups).

Bird count for the day (some more will come tomorrow, when my head works again and I'll be able to look at my books without my head spinning): 1 Cormorant 7 House Sparrows 1 Graceful Prinia (sound) 6 White-eared Bulbuls 4 Kentish Plover 1 Namaqua Dove (1 possible Curlew Sandpiper?)
The tide was out very far & I didn't get very close without getting stuck or chase them away