Thursday, April 11, 2013

#Kuwait - A morning out

No great Bird photos ahead, just wanting to pop in and let you know, I'm alive and kicking ;-)
We are back in Kuwait (in case I haven't mentioned it).

Migration has picked up and so have the hunters.
Found some openly shooting in the middle of my neighbourhood yesterday.
They did take the pigeon and the Laughing dove though.
Maybe they actually ate them (which then would be sort of ok,..., I just can't stand the senseless shooting)

Found this guy on my way back from the beach. Gave me a nice laugh :-)

The Parakeets are still in the hood and so are the two visiting Hoopoes. At least one was still there this morning.

Also saw Chiffchaffs

a Kestrel flyby (whichever sort)

a flock of Yellow Wagtails, Barn Swallows, Pallid Swifts, a Grey Shrike, Ruffuous Bush Robin (2), Northern Wheatears, a Blackhead, Bulbuls (no Minnas and not as many Bulbuls as usual - it's overall very quiet  no Shorebirds at all).
I saw a flock of 30 Bee-eaters fly by on Sunday morning.

I also saw some huge ants, as big as my fingernail (they just didn't want to hold still)

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  1. Hoopoes and Bee-eaters; wow, two birds I've never seen, and would love to.
    Shame about the hunters.