Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Trash is always an issue

From Germany
Sadly, I don't seem to get away from trash and morons who litter.
It seems that times have gone back to people just dumping their shit where they stand.
Some places start to look like the beaches in Kuwait.
And the trash cans we have at some places, are not getting emptied - for whichever reason.

From Germany

Not sure what kind of things I already got out of the river these past few weeks.
Some stuff got thrown back in by morons and I got it back out.
The red thing is in the bin for the third time now :-(
The other day I found the outer shell of a toaster. Sigh.

Youngsters like to party at this particular place and tend to leave their trash and broken bottles behind.
I am glad that at least here a few other people seem to be collecting and dumping some of the trash in the bin.

Last year there has been a big 'event' where they collected stuff out of the river. And there are also less plastic bottles around (the ones you get money back for when you return them in the shop). I guess there are some good signs.

I just wish so many wouldn't fall into that same mentality that I despised in Kuwait: Dump your trash where you are standing.


  1. i know humans get too lazy for their own good. i would hope someone would come and empty those bins more to help.

  2. Couldn't agree more Nicole.

    People leaving their rubbish behind is a common occurrence at my local lake unfortunately.

  3. I hate liter! AND The people who do it to me are just as trashy as the trash they toss....

  4. If I weren't too lazy I would go to the according office in town and complain,...
    at least about the bins.
    But heck, I know it will only work for a short time and be the same all over again in a few months.
    I might as well use that time to clean up some more,...