Friday, February 3, 2012

At Snail pace

From Hungary

That's pretty much the way I walk around since a week.
That nerve in my shoulder is def. inflamed and I don't think I should be at the computer at all.
But what else to do? Sit motionless in front of the TV?
I think not.

Yes, I was a good girl and did my exercise the past few days, but boy I wish there was a decent, trustworthy acupuncture place in this country.

Oh well. Tiger Balm will have to do.

Enough whining.

wow for the day though. 
I think, I've finally found a way to show my Lifelist with a snapshot of the bird in the list.
Now, if it only would do the auto count as well... ;-)
(via google docs, could have figured that out earlier, couldn't I?)

How do you do your lists?