Friday, February 3, 2012

At Snail pace

From Hungary

That's pretty much the way I walk around since a week.
That nerve in my shoulder is def. inflamed and I don't think I should be at the computer at all.
But what else to do? Sit motionless in front of the TV?
I think not.

Yes, I was a good girl and did my exercise the past few days, but boy I wish there was a decent, trustworthy acupuncture place in this country.

Oh well. Tiger Balm will have to do.

Enough whining.

wow for the day though. 
I think, I've finally found a way to show my Lifelist with a snapshot of the bird in the list.
Now, if it only would do the auto count as well... ;-)
(via google docs, could have figured that out earlier, couldn't I?)

How do you do your lists?


  1. Hi there - I like the snail - I could do with some snail pace as well - but maybe without the sore shoulder!

    I rather like the moon shot on my post as well.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia.

  2. Beautiful shot, Nicole! The colors are gorgeous! Nice work.

  3. Hi Nicole, cool capture of the snail. I am sorry you are not feeling good, I hope you recover soon. It sounds like a great idea to have a pic of the bird on your life list. Is this something you created or is it on a website? Take care and have a great weekend!

  4. really gorgeous colors in this! sorry about the shoulder! i like tiger balm, too! :)

  5. Spectacular snail. How I do my list? I intend to check off each new bird in the margin of my Sibley guide along with the date and place——when I remember to do it, that is. The result is a commentary on my memory, not my birdwatching. So far, I have zero checks.

  6. Lovely shell colour on the snail.

    I can sympathise with the shoulder; similar problem with my knee for the last 4 weeks.

  7. Wonderful vivid colors and shallow DoF in this image.

    I hope you will be feeling better soon Nicole.

  8. Adore the snail! No help on the lists (but you didn't expect that from me did you?). Yeah, you can't lie motionless on the couch, so I hope your shoulder gets better AND soon. I'm having withdrawal pains b/c right now I can't be on the computer for more than half an hour or so at a time (eyes, should be better next week).