Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Tree Year 2011

Natalie aka Dreamfalcon has started a beautiful project for 2011.

The Tree Year Das Baumjahr

You pick one tree (in you garden, park, neighbourhood; small, big, wild, whatever) and you take photos of him around the year.

I said: I love this idea, but mine will look pretty much the same all year around.

She said: it doesn’t matter. Take close ups, show the bark, show the animals that live in it.

OK, can do that :)

So, here you go with a dusty version of one of my favorite trees in Kuwait (not that there are so many,… the little one to the right is a sibling, I think :) )

From Kuwait

There is another big one left of my favorite, much loved by Sparrows, Laughing Doves and BulBuls

From Kuwait

And since we have soooo many trees in Kuwait, they just recently cut the small trees (versions of my favorite big one) along the hedges. It only took them around 4 years to grow to that hight :(

From Kuwait

And along the beach side, they cut down a bunch of real nice, big trees. It’s part of the ‘cleaning up Mangaf beach project’, I guess. But I don’t have to understand why they have to cut down healthy trees that give gave shelter to many birds during migration and during the blistering summer heat. :(

From Kuwait

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